Seminar "Agriculture – Training – Europe"

Cia Umbria and CIPA-AT represented by Massimo Canalicchio participated in the European valorisation seminar “Agriculture – Training – Europe”, organised by the Czech Leonardo da Vinci Agency the last 28th-29th of January. Fifty-three European projects focused in the agricultural field, also including NATURALITER, were exhibited in the “show case” hall and the abstracts of eighty-one projects, selected from 2000 till 2004 in the framework of Leonardo da Vinci 2 Programme, were published in the book “Compendium of projects for agriculture”. About 150 were the participants from 18 Countries. The Leonardo da Vinci Italian Agency was represented by Francesca Trani. The meeting was opened by the Czech Republic Vice Minister of Agriculture. Massimo Canalicchio was involved as a speaker in the Discussion panel 1 “How to valorise the results of Leonardo projects?”, together with Paola Geleng, representing the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Karl Andrew Müllner representing the Austrian Leonardo da Vinci Programme National Agency, Lukáš Víšek, representing the European Commission, DG Agriculture and Jaromír Coufalík, in the name of Leonardo da Vinci Czech Agency, as a moderator.

Also examples of Leonardo da Vinci projects were presented and parallel workshops hold on the themes: “How to bring the promoters and beneficiaries together?”, “Efficient dissemination methods, How to integrate the project results into national VET systems?”, “How to strengthen transparency of training outputs?”, “How to enhance quality of training in agriculture?”, “How to support the transnational co-operation in VET in agriculture?”. The topic of Discussion panel 2 was “Trends and training needs in agricultural sector”.

We thank and congratulate the Leonardo da Vinci Czech Agency for the perfect organisation and the success of the meeting.